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How do students get access to tools/supplies?

Students will have access to a tool cart that has all of the supplies and tools that should be needed to install their exhibition. 

How do students get access to the gallery to install?

Students will use their Bronco ID for swipe access into the Richmond Center for Visual Arts and the DeVries Student Art Gallery during the installation period and duration of the exhibition. 

How do students get access to gallery when it’s closed but show is up?

Students should use their Bronco ID for swipe access to the gallery.

When do I schedule the pre-exhibition meeting with Coordinator of Exhibitions?

It is best to schedule this meeting 3-4 weeks before your exhibition is scheduled to open. Send the Coordinator of Exhibitions an email to schedule your meeting. 

What will we talk about at the pre-exhibition meeting? What will I need to have ready?

The Coordinator of Exhibitions will want to know what you plan to display and exactly how you plan on displaying it. If you are displaying something on the wall, how does it attach to the wall? What hardware is on the back of your painting to hang it on the wall? Does your sculpture need a pedestal? You should also be prepared with a rough layout of your exhibition in the gallery and an image list with titles and dimensions to share with the Coordinator of Exhibitions during your meeting. 

Where do I get a floorplan of the gallery?

You can download the floorplan from the Contracts & Forms page

I want to hang something from the ceiling. How do I do this?

All objects hanging from the ceiling must have approval by the Coordinator of Exhibitions. If you are interested in hanging something on the ceiling, bring this up in the pre-exhibition meeting or earlier. 

How can I hang something high on the walls?

In your pre-exhibition meeting, you will discuss layout, and whether to use the scissor lift or a ladder. Any objects to be displayed above 8' must have an approved mounting system for safety. 

Can I use the scissor lift?

The scissor lift can only be operated by gallery staff. You may be in the lift to install your work, but only gallery staff operates the lift, and all safety precautions must be followed. 

I want to use technology (TV, projector, sound). How do I do this?

This conversation should begin in the pre-exhibition meeting. The Richmond Center for Visual Arts has a limited supply of equipment and cannot guarantee availability at all times. If you do not have access to equipment, you can inquire and reserve equipment during your pre-exhibition meeting. All digital files must be sent to the Coordinator of Exhibitions at least one week before you install. 

I don’t know how to layout my show. Can you help?

Yes. We will talk about the layout of your exhibition during the pre-exhibition meeting and I am happy to help you layout a thoughtful exhibition. 

I want vinyl lettering for my show. How do I do that?

You will need to prepare digital files. Review the section "Basic Guide for Creating Vinyl Signage" on the Exhibition Design page for more information. 

Why are artist statements required in the gallery?

Writing a clear, concise, and effective artist statement is an important part of being a professional artist. It is important to be able to articulate to an audience about your work, your materials, or your inspiration. When your audience reads the artist statement, it provides a richer experience when viewing your work. 

I want the option to have an online-only exhibition. How do I do this?

If you are interested in this, please talk to the Coordinator of Exhibitions

Can I have a friend help me install?

Yes, you may have friends help you. You must not exceed the current capacity of 15 people in the DeVries Student Art Gallery. 

I’ve never hung any artwork before. Help!

We are here to help! Please let the Coordinator of Exhibitions know your comfort level for installing your artwork. In the coming weeks, we hope to include some how-to videos for basic installation tips on the Best Practices page. 

I don't see my question here!

Send the Coordinator of Exhibitions an email. 

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