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Paige Brosofske

BFA Exhibition

Paige Brosofske’s current body of work aggressively exaggerates the relationship between the expanding alignment of technology and science within the realm of biological growth. As she recently joined the medical community along with the rest of her family, this emphasized her interest in the medical and scientific field. For instance, with gene editing, certain genetically engineered traits are guaranteed to be passed down from generation to generation, potentially altering our entire species. Some of these alterations could be lifesaving but could also backfire in ways in which we have never seen before. This type of scientific advancement, and others like it, has Brosofske wondering, will the positives outweigh the negatives? Brosofske uses this as a driving force for this current body of work, as it plays with the way technology affects us from microscopic to monumental impacts. These works display a dramatic movement that is inspired by the human body; from overall bone structure to microscopic DNA, playing with the unravelling connection of organic and futuristic elements while using traditional and non-traditional materials. These works not only draw inspiration from the human body but are also worn on the figure as an extension of the form.

You can find Paige Brosofske on Instagram @bro___studio

Vessels, Copper, 2019

Covid Catcher

Chimera Series

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Thesis Exhibition Poster - need

Exhibition Poster


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